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Garage Door Rules 101

01/13/2014 Back To Blog

If you own garage doors, the least you can do is to know the basics about the way the mechanism works. This will help you get an idea about the requirements of your system and you will understand when something is wrong or when the movement of the door is strangely noisy. In this context, it's important to read well the manual provided by the manufacturer, so that you will know the specifics about the characteristics of each component and their life expectancy. It's actually the best way to prevent rather than solve problems and keep a safe garage.

Your garage door requires your attention

There are things you ought to know about your garage door, so when it's time to replace some garage door parts, you'll be able to understand what you are looking for. There are over three hundred components in most mechanisms and every one of them is of great significance. Most residential doors have extension garage door springs, which come in pairs of two and when one of them is damaged, you should replace both. Cables help the springs lift the door and they usually roll around a drum. The overhead door moves along tracks and it's connected with rollers, which slide through.


All parts are mechanical and made of steel but you can also get them in galvanized materials, so that they won't corrode. The only electric part of the system is the garage door opener and its accessories. It is activated by a clicker, which works with batteries. Openers have a release cord that can turn it in manual operation and now you can get a separate device for battery operation in case of power failure. All openers since 1993 come with reverse mechanisms and sensors for higher safety.


The basic 101 rule about garage doors is to know your mechanism. The second one is to understand the importance of garage door repairs and regular maintenance in order to keep it in tip top condition. That can happen when you start distinguishing irregularities and strange things with your door. So, get to know your system for your safety today!

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