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We answer all questions about garage door service and garage door panels. Short and precise!

Why must I replace other garage components when replacing the panel?

Garage door parts must be compatible and appropriate for each garage system because they all ought to work together to control the movement of the door. If the new door panel is heavier or larger than the older one, some components will not be appropriate. Larger doors might need bigger rollers and, thus, different size garage door tracks and springs may need replacement to lift the heavier door with efficiency.

What's the difference among garage door springs?

Garage doors would need different springs depending on their weight. This is the main distinction among extension and torsion springs according to garage door repair experts. Extension springs will be set on the two sides of the door for equal balance and the torsion spring at the upper part for the lifting of heavier doors. Torsion coil trampoline springs will only differ from galvanized ones in terms of their longevity since the latter ones won't rust.

How much will I pay for a new garage door?

Garage door prices are not fixed. Nobody can give you an exact price because it will be determined by the door's size, material and type. It will depend on whether it is insulated, have windows and similar factors. Besides calculating the present price of the garage door, calculate its future maintenance, too.

What are the advantages of a screw drive opener?

The screw drive mechanism is considered better than the chain drive mechanism for garage door openers, according to specialists in our company. For one, screw drive is more durable. For another, it is unbreakable while the chain drive can break when applied with significant force.

How do garage door sensors work?

Sensors in a garage door help in controlling the door operation. They are created to halt and reverse door movement either down or up when an obstacle is present in the path of the door. This saves kids, pets and even adults from possible injury. To keep the sensors working properly, you need to check that no object is blocking the eyes of the sensor.

How often garage doors must be maintained?

As an average, our Garage Door Repair in Tiburon suggests maintaining the system once a year. Though, it will also depend on how old the door is, how often it is used and which condition the parts are in. Despite of annual garage door maintenance, it's also wise to check the parts and especially the springs and opener sensors more often.

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