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We at Garage Door Repair Tiburon are at your service for professional installation, repair, maintenance and replacement services and projects. As an experienced company, you can be rest assured your door is in good hands. No matter what the problem is, we'll get to the bottom of it! From insulated garage doors to track repair and broken spring replacement, there is nothing we can't do for you. We also offer same day services and our team will get to you as fast as possible if it's an emergency.


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We strive to satisfy our customers and do so by providing them with the best quality service they can afford. Our service policy has proven to be effective in providing the right solution to the problem at hand. We ensure that the door will function properly again and also offer to replace any faulty parts with a new and functional one. We also take in calls regardless of the time of day, making us a suitable service provider to call for in case of emergencies.


Garage Door Repair Tiburon


Any homeowner would understand the value of their garage door. While you can practically treat it as a convenient moving wall, there are a lot of things that can affect its functioning. For instance, the weather can slowly cause the door to deteriorate over time, while more extreme weather conditions like hurricanes can rip it apart, and even something as little as playing with the remote control system can cause the door to jam. Fixing a good number of these problems is beyond the capabilities of a homeowner, so leaving it to us to take care of the problem is generally seen as a good idea.


Call us now on our hotline or contact us via our website to receive an estimate so we can get started as soon as possible. Remember, your garage door has as much value as anything else in your home. If it should experience any problem that you can’t handle, call in the experts here at “Garage Door Repair Tiburon”.

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