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Five Garage Door Tips for Maintenance

07/01/2015 Back To Blog

Garages can be tricky but their doors and the systems behind them can be even trickier. In some ways, it's the biggest moving object in your house and property, next to a vehicle. If you don't maintain the lubrication, tracks, sensors, etc., the garage door, will break down and not perform as well as it could. This can spell trouble, especially if you need access to the garage via the door and not from inside the house.Garage Doors Maintenance


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Read below for the best tips on keeping doors in solid working order.




Some doors struggle with lubrication, especially older ones. A lot of this can be fixed by lubricating the gears and chains that go into moving the door up and down. Don't use WD-40, though. It may seem like a good idea but generally a door's moving parts don't blend well with it, leading to issues of corrosion. Instead, use something like a silicone based lubricant or a lithium one. They're not hard to find and will do a much better job on top of lasting longer.


*The Door's Tracks


A garage door runs along tracks to keep it stable and guide its movement. The tracks sometimes get dirty or begin to experience minor flaws that can be fixed with general maintenance. You want to keep them as clean as possible, otherwise risk ruining the door. Don't lubricate it, though. You need to clean it instead and thoroughly. If the track is dirty, the door can get hung up on it or experience unneeded restrain, possibly burning out the motor.


*Sensors, Sensors and Sensors


Doors use sensors to detect object and obstacles in their path. Every once in a while, these gather dirt or misalign. Unless one of them goes out, it's an easy fix. Make sure they face each other as this is how they were designed to operate. If the infrared lenses are dusty (this depends on the model you have), carefully wipe it off.


* Weather Proofing


Weather proofing is another point to consider. Weather seals are inexpensive and will shield the parts from elements, giving it a much longer life. You can find these at most hardware stores for a cheap price.




Sometimes you need to reset the motor or firmware. Check the user manual for this. Symptoms include a randomly opening door and having difficulty sensing things in its way. They all have their own systems for a reset, but most will likely have a power off and on cycle to achieve it. Instructions go a long way here.


Maintain your door and keeping it in working order means it will last a lot longer plus help clients avoid spending money, unless you like the idea of completely replacing everything and burning holes ina wallet.

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