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Dealing with a Frozen Garage Door

11/20/2013 Back To Blog

Today, modern inventions in our society offer convenience on our part. A garage door an invention that offers security to our homes. A door typically comes with certain components for its garage door opener such as the chain, belt and screw drive openers. During the winter season, no matter what type of openers you own, the doors to your home and garage may have to undergo the effects of the cold weather. Sadly, this usually happens when cold and moisture combine.


Be Patient

Most of the times, the door won't even budge an inch after pressing the opener button. This may actually lead to an even bigger problem. The opener will likely have damages such as stripped gears, burned out garage door motors and broken coils.


Melt the Ice

Take a few moments to plan out how to solve the problem. You may use a heat gun or hair dryer to melt the ice. Some garage door repair companies in Tiburon use standard de-icing products, as they are more effective. Be careful not to damage the door or the seal on the bottom of the door. Another solution is by using a flat shovel or similar equipment which can chip away the ice. Contacting one of our professionals for help is also a good idea.


Clear the Area

Now that the door is finally free from ice, clear the area from melted ice. Exposure to liquid components may also damage the components of the door, especially when it is mainly made out of wood. Metal parts may also undergo corrosion when exposed to water. Other substances should also be kept away from the garage door. It should always be made free from dirt and other dangerous materials which will not only endanger the quality of the functionality of your door, but also the security of your home.


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