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Clopay Glass Garage Doors

Glass Clopay doors in TiburonClopay is one of the best manufacturers of garage doors with great range of options among wood and aluminum/glass choices. The company's Avante collection is the most spectacular choice for home improvement. Clopay combines two modern materials but also makes sure they are processed so that they can be resistant and strong. In terms of aesthetics, glass panels come out in a variety of shades ranging from clear, tinted or obscured glass to gray or white acrylic. There are also seven different aluminum frame options in regard to their color to match every home.


The most significant thing is that the Clopay aluminum frames can have a retainer with vinyl weather strips for higher insulation while glass doors can be insulated as well. Glass panels can have up to twelve windows and there are numerous styles and designs. Clopay uses tempered glass for much higher resistance. With strong and energy efficient glass panels reinforced by the heavy duty aluminum frames with retainers, Clopay does not only increase the value and beauty of properties but also contributes to the environment.

Aluminum Glass Door Frames are Rust Proof and Corrosion Resistant 

Clopay glass garage doors are made in variety of widths, lengths and heights and the durability of the doors is enhanced by the integral reinforcing fin. Clopay glass garage doors are made to last since they don't just offer home appeal but also higher energy efficiency and a durable, yet modern option among garage doors.

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